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We are here to help. Below is the list of services we provide. If you are unsure if you have funding available for these services, please contact us on (08) 8271 2309 for assistance.

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Support Coordination

Support Coordination strengthens a participant’s ability to coordinate their supports and participate in the community.

Helping Hands
Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination is a time limited support coordination service.

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Identifying Housing Solutions

Also known as exploring housing options or EHOP. Assists in obtaining necessary assessments and recommendations.


Occupational Therapists help participants identify interests and goals, manage daily routines and daily activity tasks.

Therapy Session

Occupational Therapists provide comprehensive assessments of functional and mobility abilities and support needs.

Physical Therapy Session

Exercise Physiology intervention improves quality of life and function to help create independence. 

Boy Playing with Blocks

Developmental Educators assist with fostering skills, independence and quality of life of individuals.

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Positive Behaviour Support improves the quality of life for participants and aims to reduce or eliminate restrictive practices. 

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